Inspirations & Distractions #7

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Here’s a thing I may or may not keep on doing
Curating My Procrastination

1. This

Some super interesting pieces on moral hypocrisy and censorship:

Rising Tide – David Walsh


You Are Not Allowed to Be Funny – Sunil Rajaraman

2. This

3. This

Nine favourite spitpaints of the week, remember, people painted these in 30 minutes:


4. This

5. This
“It’s better to be a child because you have a longer lifespan”


6. This

Five Favourite Instagram Posts of the week:

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My aspirations vs my patience

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7. This

Kim Jung Gi Character Designs


8. This

9. This

ROME (the website not the city)

10. This

“Reading what you hate helps you refine what it is you value, whether it’s a style, a story line or an argument. Because books are long-form, they require more of the writer and the reader than a talk show or Facebook link. You can finish watching a movie in two hours and forget about it; not so a novel. Sticking it out for 300 pages means immersing yourself in another person’s world and discovering how it feels.”

That’ll do for today.